About Me

1459813_10201323922396820_591320861_nAkouto Vonwogbe is a determined college student who loves crafts, reading, and TV shows . Although she is a senior who is happy and content with life, Akouto has been through a lot in twenty-three years.

Akouto Rosaline Vonwogbe was born in a little country in a little town called Lome, Togo in West Africa. Akouto’s father wanted to make sure the family went to a safe place to have freedom and the kids can get an education.  In February 2000, Akouto and her family moved to the USA.  Akouto grew up in Aurora, Illinois, a town forty-five minutes away from Chicago. She went to school and left Aurora after high school. Akouto then moved to San Francisco, California at twenty years old and has been going to school full time and working part time since.

In a few years, Akouto hopes to make another move to Los Angeles, California to start her production career in television and movies. 


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