Welcome to A Craft Called Rose! My name is Akouto “Rose” Vonwogbe and I am the creator of A Craft Called Rose.  A Craft Called Rose teaches readers how to turn simple things into extraordinary items for the home. The crafts are handmade and well thought of items that can be turn into gifts for friends and family.  I also make original greeting cards and invitation with inspiration from Pinterest. Creativity and everything artsy is all you need to make beautiful things with your hands. Take this creative this journey with me as we make and learn a few things.  


Title Meaning

The Rose in my blog name is my middle name, which is short for Rosaline. “A Craft Called Rose” can be thought of in two ways; the first is no matter what I am doing, whether it’s homework, eating or reading, a craft idea always calls my name and I have tendency to start it, the second is if I were to give a name to all my crafts in general I would call it Rose.


The Reason

I created this blog to help people make beautiful things without having to spend money on expensive objects for their homes.  Crafting is cheaper then buying overpriced decorations. People can turn old objects into something different which can make homes look brand new.


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