Trends in the Crafting Community

Trends change every season. In the crafting community, trends change too but craft queens (or kings) find new ways to use old trends. This year, many old trends are getting new makeovers. Below are my craft trends for the 2014 Spring season.

Below is a video of these great spring trends.

Trend #1


Decorative Duck TapeThis tape is a fun twist to the everyday  duck tape we all know and love. Decorative Duck tape can open your eyes to many different creative uses. Just like normal Duck tape, decorative duck tape can be used on paper, wood and other materials. You can enhance anything just by adding a fun sticky, decorate tape to it.


Washie tape– This kind of tape is the Japanese version of duck tape except it’s light and thinner in weight.  It too can be used for the items listed above.

Find inspirational ways to use Decorative Duck tape and Washie tape here.

Trend #2

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 12.53.20 AM

3D Stickers– Originally known for scrapbooking and card making, 3D stickers can also be used for anything you want to decorate because it’s more durable than flat stickers. These stickers come in any themes that will fit your overall idea. Find 3D stickers at

Trend #3


A Blank Frame- A blank frame is super cheap and can be found at stores like Joanns. It can be a personal touch to your favorite memories. It is great for crafting because you can use paint/markers on it.