Cork Board Jewelry Hanger

I, like most girls, love jewelry. I have a massive collection of them from necklaces to toe rings. What I don’t have is a way to organize the necklaces I’ve obtained throughout the years.Buying a jewelry organizer can be expensive for my tight budget. So I found a way to save ¬†money and use products I have in the house to make a homemade necklace hanger. The instructions below can tell how I made my life a little more organized by making this useful DIY. This project was inspired by this creative queen.


Video Instructions 


1) 4 pack mini cork boards ( Can be found here)


2) Paint- I used bright colors to make my wall pop a bit more.

 3) Adhesive stickers for hanging.


1) Add tape to the cork board to make a geometry pattern. This is will also keep your paint nice and clean when painting.


2) Paint your board inside the tape with the paints you chose. Repeat this step until you have painted all of your boards.


3) After about 20-30 minutes, the paint will dry.

4) Peal the tapes carefully from the board.


5) Add the sticky adhesive to the back of the board and hang it on your wall.

6) Add your jewelry and you are done!


Keeping your jewelry organized has never been so much fun and creative!